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manent evidence of faihiro of nervous power. As an uncompli

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a gummy substance. Carry the toasting still further and we

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posure to tlie contagious diseases physical or morah Their time

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earnest solicitation of his confreres he was of course

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pure Anglo Saxon English has been rarely approached and

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I gt ilatation. The stomach may be gmatly dilated and the

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rag and keep it for the purpose. When the irons are

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it. Especially is this apt to be the case in summer

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acterized by great uneasiness in tho stomach cough difficulty in

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thing which these experiments were supposed to dispiove the existence

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of the living body with fluid or semifluid material derived from

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By all tliese liypotheses tlie same results are reached in one

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to conquer consumption as scurvy the former bane of

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bodies I infer that the theory of acetona mia is founded on good

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Jilu umalw Tnff lt imff fifion Inflammation connected witli the

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injury. There may be exceptions here as in such a disease

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