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quinine but which actually contained strychnine. After

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seen attending an inguinal hernia in the female. The integuments over

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important point tliat while the actions of other poisons are con

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lated hospital where they may obtain the best surgical advice

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excitement from slight causes and varied uncertain action of tlie

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and many of those who have tried this vehicle declare

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asylum he is at once forced into a ward where fifty

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substances have little action tlu ejndermw and of another or

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She had been married twenty two years and had borne five children

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trial since first brought prominently before the profession by Dr. Gross

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Coming cityward from the park we pass on Jackson and

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obstructed with occasional cough which was croupy and sometimes a croupy

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mines the color of the product. If the temperature runs below

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of entrance of round shot not very large indeed not

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iuvolvtHl in nuvny surgical procedures. Dislocations of joints have

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or other of along series of symptoms which may simulate any

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I irge tube was filled with slips of arsenical paper hangings and

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