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Sometimes small pox and chicken pox may cause anxiety for

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Four had been lost sight of. Of the remaining 7 6 were

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peated attacks of catarrh attended with a troublesome cough and con

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clothes round tlieir bodies by means of a belt tightened firmly

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near forty thousand inhabitants and is as beautifully built as any inland

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glanced at the snliject. It is of common observation amongst us

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elements subduing the wild beasts and taming the sav

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them now they owe to their union with typhoid fever

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and obstruction. Salivary calcuhis is a eoQcretiun of this nature

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nomena obtained. The intestines destitute of faecal matter natmal in

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ously and has an additional advantage in removing the fcetor from

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the best way. These people are entitled to some of the

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The whole subject of Central Legislative action in regard to

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of effusion of fluid blood between the dura and pia mater are mentioned

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and which always give rise to extreme dyspepsia deficiency of

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