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of its uses and said Gentlemen there will be no hemor

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terfering materially with the subsequent functions and duties of life

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the feverish and other acute syniptoms are modified but the

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fact men were designed to travel inspect and improve the surface of the

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The malformations represent in most cases an incomplete develop

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gentlest of men. He and Syme were always squabbling

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tnbes may be tlie seats of inilammation dropsy stricture occln

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But cases being selected with proper care and skill we

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vision of the tunica albuginea testis which treatment deserves much

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were partially closed and any attempt to open them would bring on a

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the quantity which the people consumed. Those who partook mode

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doses. The review of Dr. Hooker s recent work on homoeopathy did not

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Lecturer on M amp Ucal Jurisprudence and Chemistry in Ouy s Hospital London.

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find. If this cannot be gotten use the best sherry or other

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