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tically all described species of the genus of the organism have been found

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Dr. Barrett has Ijeen appointed vledical Health Officer for

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demonstrated by others of whom we may mention Dance m 1828. in

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may cancel the insusceptibility of an animal to an infection either as

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advisable. During the months of January and February the dahabeyah

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If we turn to the more thoroughly known of the microzoa parasitic

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years to force the bacillus of tuberculosis to grow on such ordinary

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secretion from salivary and mucous glands gastric tubular glands

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the young and as a consequence much unnecessary ill health ensues

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perforce from the studies which have led to it more faith in

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time even sufficient practical dexterity to do the best for the cases and

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which is impossible when D and G are variable even with any values

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possible to rotate the occiput to the front and deliver it in this

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ordination that the greatest of the earth should be blind

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of destroying pathogenetic microbes the other not destroying them but

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alteratives for the humours and evacuants for defective excretions.

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which is passed gently in a backward direction holding the perinseum

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is a well developed globular shell gland. The vitellaria extend anteriorly

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very proper sequence has been kept up in the person of one who

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but unquestionable. Of the ten departments which furnish the fewest

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oldest conception of the ultimate unit of matter is the atoin the

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acute specific fever occurring in lying in women only this view was

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that the reaction could not be obtained with absolute certainty in all

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of taking away human life. It multiplies murder from

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to breathe air containing 25 per cent of gas produces

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The electric bath with constant current has been proposed in cases of

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is not in accord with the majority of the carefully reported observations

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These and other matters may be presented concerning

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Board of Health for the Philippine Islands on April 27 1904 officially

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