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and the water of the milk keeps intact the cell protoplasm
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tice advanced which could not possibly be acquired or collected from
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to some highly interesting experiments how this its newly discovered
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Henry H. Smith a mixture of chloroform and ether was
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into firm bone. Osseous change is attended with little acute pain
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to the brain and spinal cord tliemselves. Tbey may be subjected
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full doses subcutaneously. It acts by stimulating the vasomo
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geously added to mixtures containing tincture of iodine and tannin to in
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appear leaving the hair follicle enlarged and its moutli gaping so
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internal organ whicli congestion passes into inflammation with
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the removal of the stone. or was exposed by the slough
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mucous membrane. One of the most common causes of mucous diar
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Parisian. He served at the Hopital du Midi and was won
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affected. At the same time he affords no proof that this was the
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poi nous. Fortunately these accidents are much less frequent
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Therapeutically in those not having neurasthenia he
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fCommunicated for the Boston Medical and SurgicalJournal. Concluded from page 317.
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