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the fact that when particles of fluid become more heated than others

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this movement is advancini the ventricle is relaxed and dilated. Then

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sible 14 per cent. in the causation of which alcohol appears to

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Mann of Foxboro Stephen Salisbury Jr. of Medway Christopher C.

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ing bedbug remedy as a coat of whitewash if for the

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ard. If after marriage she discovers that he is an in

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augmenting of emigrants to our midst bringing with them the seeds of

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M. Delpech points out various details of facts relating to the

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hydrophobia with glycerin and at the expiration of sev

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eases located in the throat and in gypsies who form a

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tions of the tendons threatening a confirmed case of anchylosis in con

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obviates the occurrence of stomatitis if this occurs the

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ment even in advanced stages of the disease may expect

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than such as is named above. The patient now showed signs of

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ance the stomach will sometimes bear. This is well seen in men

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he experienced great difficulty in expelling The plantar

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tliat althangh there were noininaOj over a thousand diseases

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resource might appropriately be called was most frequently possessed by

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membrane is in a state of irritation. Tepid or cold

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