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peritoneal cavity has completely revolutionized th.Q

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exposes more to a general infection than an ulceration of small size.

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After the first washing the infant should have a warm batli

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typical condition and disorganization of the structure of the

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obtained from the bodies of two new born infants one

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ringing sounds in tlie bead appearance of specks and spots before

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to inquire whv improvements are not made as in other branches pertaining

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tlie heart are generally increased in Bize the cavities being also

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ily to the ring. The tonsil is thus cut through without

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which wear out his heart and lessen his nervous resistance to the

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ticle on the condition of the gastric juice saliva and

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lung soon restored to its healthy function and the patient regained her health.

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subject of a paper that I read before you some months

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thirty five he was surgeon at Pitie and worked until he died

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