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the clouds on the 0th of August 1733. lie was killed instanta

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Ptomaines Definition of etc. Composition of etc. Vegetable Alkaloids

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factory in whicli red silk was being at that time largely used and

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fering with its development. He found that the fer

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in the disease known as intermittent fever or ague with its parox

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fectually after being stung by twenty seven hundred

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such an exhibition of brute courage and strength as this man

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opinion of Professor Gross never die out. With this I more tlian

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tive stomatitis but rarely if ever gangrene of the mouth.

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the air with the blood enkindled by the peculiar vitality of the lungs.

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accident or of diflSculty occurring in the act of childbirth.

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One can easily imagine that if there was anything in

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no oxygen and of peculiar cadaveric odor or solid crystal

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ever in the learned professor s remarks rather a fault finding spirit than

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