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Of the whole number attacked seventeen died. I was forcibly struck

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expenses of the city government we are not a little surprised that those

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coughing as he supposed from having swallowed a portion of the shell.

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tion of picric acid in aniline oil may be added to a

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suspicious of outsiders and particularly of doctors and medi

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upon analogy. What that analogy is has been admirably stated

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skin redness of the scales themselves and separation of the sc

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gires to bones a certain measTire of resiliency. This is important

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them timidly venture to suggest that there may be something in it.

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malignant are of four kinds a Polypoid. J Cartilaginous

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is practised strict antiseptic precautions are called for.

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The report of these experiments has been deferred till their com

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The period of highest mortality or absolute maximum is Januai

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of lymph eniplr yed. 8d. The rise of temperature in both case

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of the disease At the same timt all the varieties arc contagious

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