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suddenly seized in a similar manner and their whips have been violently

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the mortality in croupous pneumonia is decreasing but it is

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ing filled to write the initials of our favorite manufac

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particles of every kind in every region of the earth from the

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admission. The mercury was detected in the organs of this man.

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occurrence of tuberculosis in horned cattle and with

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paio persistent neuralgia and in some cases of severe spat m te

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the imentitinof rendering itself indispensable to Ibe pntfession and in the nntiapattcm

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which there is blindness except in full light. The causes of the

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reception of medical evidence and laid down many excellent practicar

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time by the forelock but it is positively injuring the medical character

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ings and preventing their frequency. The patient was seen on Saturday morn

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equalize the circulation by the application if need be of heat to the

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where thei e is definite indication of constitutional affection on

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of life with their own hands. These form the class called by

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person. Germany comes next and Italy last consuming only

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that general ansesthesia is imprudent or unsafe there is a greater

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