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the recurrence of the paroxysmal convulsion. At these titnes ether and chloro

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to call attention to some investigatons which have pre

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otherwise he Avould have been more reserved in his condemnation of the

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that the germs continue to mnUiply and increase I y an indepen

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is easily transferable into degeneration. In persons of inactive

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feet of sulphurous acid were sent into the Swansea district every

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It is accompanied with paleness of tlie body great languor and

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pearl cuttera was inexplicable. The mystery is now explained

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out a sedative as morphia or opium will restore tranquillity to the

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ers are dishonest their leather does not protect the toes and feet from

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dicating a special form of nervous disturbance. Tlie convulsive

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without any connection at all with living germs or living partiele

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Obc lffj The laying up of fat in the cellular tissue beneath

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the stomacli and sets up tlie irritative symptoms of elow arsenical

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ly if similarly treated are not benefited in the least.

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of medicine generally and without additional time cannot be engrafted

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