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that possibly a different treatment from that which he had employed
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seen any injurious effects constitutionally or locally in any one indi
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should tind the membrane supplied with minute glands for pro
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up his integrity or give up his business. This is a phase in
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article. Dr. Bovaird concludes as follows Sterilized milk
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mals. The accident may occur in very rare instances without the
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other carminative. In this way the stomach often regains its lone food
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ether. A more liberal application will overcome the disagreeable symp
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husband said he felt much relieved fell asleep and rested quietly till
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member hearing it said of one of these eminent men that
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physiological studies when watching the venous current
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dover and to witness the astonishment of the learned professors and the
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last few years. These statistical tables minutely drawn adding immensely
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ing and inflammation follow. Soon afterwards the general syrap
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If it do drauglit.s are felt aiul we know by experience tlie serious
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British Lying in Hospital for Married Women. This hospital which
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aminer and the Chronicle creations of later days join the
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tivity of the micro organisms flourishing at the seat of

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