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ot several English words contained in an article in a previous number
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tlie person subjected to them they are often in progress until they
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there had been rumors that some cases of a very disgusting disease
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The mention of these deformities of the feet would hardly be
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were intense pains in the region of the stomach which
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most assuredly cholera infantum as we see it predisposes to
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increased and protruding beyond the vulva it was as large as the fist.
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from bones or kitchen refuse and for extracting aroinatic essences
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of Medicine and during the last season received over one hundred and
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The field of this controversy would be narrowed for the future if it
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commonly also you will discover acid and other unpleasant tastes in the
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chester but into ihe neighboring towns of Roxbury Milton Quincy
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Pancoast s address was quite pathetic he spoke of the poor
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straight jackets but in educating the moral sense to shun evil communica
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ciary the somewhat undue latitude of this arrangement soon afterwards
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from the Teutonic family with habits and manners remarkably similar
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subjects cannot advantageously be exhibited here although the examina
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dissecting knife it was again resumed and again restored sensibility
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which generally attend the hot stage all according to popular opinion

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