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things they were in close touch and sympathy and evidently
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and Robert E. Woodhouse for one year each from July i. 1906
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inhalation of certain narcotic or other vapours. In
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year be simply an executive session. The following are chair
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marked tendency towards serous infiltration and swelling of the sub
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Sex. Practically all authors recognize the much more frequent infection in
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Ambrose Stanton senior house surgeon at London School of
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formulation of series or in other words the discovery of the causation
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Treatment. The disease being contagious the patient must be
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dermically for the treatment of such cases. The alkaline solution was
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In ringworm it is found advantageous to employ milk and fatty food
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ineflBcient during years of such expectant treatment although they
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one part stabile method the skin and the electrode being well mois
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Hospital and Professor of Surgery at King s College.
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where they may determine and the chairman shall call a meet
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mean temperature is somewhat lower than that of the other resorts.
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Society admitted him a fellow that the Directors of the
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An excellent instance of the difficulty with which a new systematic
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those detailed in the report of the Porto Rican Anaemia Commission
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as dying from hemorrhage was also a primipara. The first case
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The interior of Italy is rich in delightful localities which may tem
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ease lastly the amount of ptomaines separable from large and copious
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compare the field of disease to a large woodland country in which woods
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wall of the chamber. The screen itself thus acts as a
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considered the two subjects as a whole but the weakness probably extends
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and peculiar construction I have shown to be remarkable exponents of
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trally situated but not yet determined upon. A program of
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cle embarrassment but for some reason in this class of case
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anthrax but it was always accompanied by other toxic substances. In
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Ancesthetic value. The same as for methylic alcohol
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mental depression provided due care be taken to avoid over fatigue
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which conveys no ethnological meaning being in this respect a better
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quality or mixed with foreign substances such as red clay barley
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occasionally and exerts on some persons a relaxing effect being hot
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diaphoretics cordials hypnotics and opiates. Further on he deals with
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patient with wholesome confidence. If at any time the nurse cannot
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medicine law literature or science and the wholesale bestowal
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cells multiply in the nutritive solution. The amount of enzymes present
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membranes. The skin affection known as erysipelas is now sharply
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he said he could still feel stones rubbing together and the
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or irritating matters must be avoided. If vomiting occur the diet should
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made marvellous improvement in the conditions and I think the whole
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unstained areas. The only one which showed at all constantly was situated in

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