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mercury having been again taken one of the medical witnesses for
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washed twice each twenty four hours by the tides of the Dela
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leprosy. I do Dot propose here to enter into the controversies
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wound pressure should be applied with wool dressing
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symptoms usually associated with anteflexion are dys
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Nathaniel Stillman Robinson Chelsea Diaphragmatic Hernia.
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ipx at excitement or strain. In very rare instances this accident has
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lence. The muscles which close the jaw and which are very
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to be practiced invariably in the presence of other med
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heard the history of the treatment from Dr. IManning himself are of
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connection with bad drainage has received the vulgar but expres
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portion of the coagulated flbrine in the vein and the floating of
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or secondary effects of the atmosphere in modifying the intensity
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the affection afterwards developed showing the first signs of the
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The large November December maximum is prolonged but
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of every sort and exposing the bleeding surface to the constringing in
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perience in the extraction through the urethra of stone
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